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Tk Prem KumarWinners are made, not born; Be here and now; Stop the logic; Allow the magic to enter your life; Aim at stars with legs firmly on ground; Every minute remember, the invisible man who sits in an unknown land, that is within your own self; Meditate everyday at-least for one hour; Be with nature as much as possible; Practice silence for a day every month; Have a Mentor, Guru or a Guide; Take care of your Parents, Family & Friends; Be useful to the world; Believe me you will be happiest person on the Earth. Pyramid Prem Kumar A Civil Engineer by profession, a Post graduate in Management, Public speaking, Psychotherapy and Counseling. In last 25 years he was associated with Mahesh Yogi, Osho Centre, Swamy Sukhabodanandaji. Ramakrishna Mutt, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, The School of Ancient Wisdom and with Brahmarshi Patrijis Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement since 2005. After a Hiatus of 10 years he has decided to take up public speaking & conduct work-shops in Kannada ,English & Hindi. Primarily to the youth in Cities ,Towns & Villages. You can refer it to different Groups/ Organisations/ NGOs/ Schools & Colleges TOPICS : Create your own path through meditation / Art of speaking & listening / Managing stress / Power of a TEAM / Leave your foot-prints / Poltical consciousnesses / The invisible story writer / Zero to Hero / Dreams do come true / Guru & Goal / Zen- The empty cup / Clock V/ Compass / Taking bold decisions / Wealth consciousness / Finding god-fathers / OSHO -The rebel star / My 7 masters

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