Since its inception in 1982 by founder, chairman, and managing director Mr. Chapsi Gala, Timex has made its presence felt in homes, offices and commercial spaces. We have been creating the best for our customers since ,more than 30 years and serving them with quality products in Veneers, Plywood, Laminate, ACP, Ceramics and Doors. Timex is an ISO 9001:2008 standards, ISI certified, and FSC COC member. Apart from that we are also proud members of the Indian Green Building Council. Equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art technology and internationally trained professionals our facilities are adept at churning out products that match global standards.

Made of composite construction of solid timber components consisting New Zealand’s pine bond of 2.5mm cross bands with PF resin, TIMEX FLUSH DOORS, ensures optimum strength and long life. Stringently processed in high temperature and pressure, TIMEX FLUSH DOORS is HOT PRESSED, PHENOL BONDED, SOLID CORE, SEASONED TIMBER and PRESERVATIVE TREATED AGAINST BORERS AND TERMITES. Moreover, the wooden planks are thoroughly seasoned with ultra-modern imported seasoning chambers, making it more potent and durable.

We specialize in custom sizes, of quantities of 1 to 100. It doesn't matter. If you want a door in odd heights or widths, we will make it. If you want panel configurations changed, we will do it.All of our doors are made by quality woods and with advanced technology which makes them unique and strong .

Our Product Range

  • Flush Doors
  • Laminated Doors
  • Veneer Doors
  • Design Doors
  • Fire Retardant doors (Rating 30min/60min/120min)
  • HDF Decorative Moulded Panel Doors
  • HDF Moulded Panel Doors

    Our Mission

    Our mission is full of promise and commitment to the society. By maintaining transparency opening up exciting opportunities where we have a competitive edge for developing our bussiness in the future and our new logo will help us confidently identify ourself in every aspect of our business. We also intend to provide the best quality product at the most competitive price . Followed by an unmatched client services

    Our Vision

  • To create a Timex Family of distributors, dealers and employees and to be the far most and efficient conglomerate with professionals and ethical approach.
  • To be the trendsetter by providing innovative and customized solutions.
  • To reach the pinnacle of success by riding the customer's confidence and well-willness.


    To be ethical and transparent .To prophesize good corporate governance build rewarding relationships,increase employee retention by creating a positive relationship between employer and employee by practising human policies.

    our values

    We believe that our strength lies in our ability to listen to our customers. This simple truth will be our guiding light in the years to come. This coupled by our faith in our people makes us very confident of facing the challenges thrown up by the market.

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