Furniture is essential to our every day life. We use it at home, at work place, shopping centre etc, etc. Well designed and researched furniture can improve our quality of life. When we like how it looks, it gives us pleasure and when it makes us comfortable it can increase our efficiency and productivity. How furniture looks is important, and some of the most successful furniture designs of all time are often the most aesthetically pleasing, but the most successful furniture designs of all time have to look good and work well.By combining form and function in the design, and by ensuring products are made using responsible materials and ethical production techniques.“TIMBER AVENUE FURNITURE” Designers help create furniture that collectively sells. The show room has a collection of Colonial and Contemporary ones. You will find only the High quality Teak wood furniture at affordable prices made from Indonesia in our show rooms. Our main objective is to supply our customers with a source of high quality hand crafted furniture, both indoor furnishing, and outdoor furnishing.We take pride in building our furniture with the quality you expect. We will also customize and build whatever you wish to have made. We keep the quality high while trying our hardest to keep the price low.

Timber Avenue Furniture - The Best Furniture Shops In Chennai For Your Varying Furniture Need

There is no house or office without furniture. Wherever you go, you can see the furniture of various types used by people for various purposes. The furniture is designed uniquely and of various choices. Ranging from traditional to the modern choices, there are ample collections available at Teak Wooden Furniture Chennai

Timber Avenue is one of the leading Furniture shops in Adyar offering wonderful collections that not only improves the aesthetic of your home or office interior but also will improve the quality of your life. There is no doubt that beautifully designed furniture can increase your comfort level and lifestyle. However, selecting the quality one that can last long for years is important.

With a 5-year experience in furniture business apart from retail, we take the effort to provide you the best choices that suits both your interest and expectations.

Timber Avenue strives to offer you only the best of quality furniture. And to make that possible to our customers, we concentrate mainly on solid teak wood furniture that has long lasting life. There is no doubt that teak wood is known for its quality and years of history and also lasts even centuries if maintained in a good condition. This quality of teak wood has made it popular and is preferred by people for home furnishing needs.

There are varieties of teak woods used for making furniture. Timber Avenue - one among the Best Furniture Shops in Chennai with years of industry experience understands and chooses them carefully to make different types of furniture for different uses such as Dining table and chair, Puja room door and Main entrance door, Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture and more.

Besides designing the furniture for your home and office needs, we customize furniture according to your needs and specifications. This has made us become the most flexible service provider with a friendly approach to our clients offering outstanding home and office furnishing solutions.

We take pride in importing outdoor and office furniture Chennai that is durable and available in best affordable prices. We are definitely the only Furniture Showrooms in Chennai to offer you a very competitive price in the teak wood furniture market. There is no doubt that our price and quality makes us become an outstanding service provider in the furniture making industry.

Our craftsmanship and keen to details with bringing a unique touch to the furniture have made us become popular in the industry. Besides quality, customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we guarantee after sales service that all our customers feel welcome about Timber Avenue. Whilst at the same time, we concentrate on the quality of the products for your utmost satisfaction which we have proven in the past.

We have a team of professional carpenters and interior designers who can firmly design your home interior to suit modern expectations. Undeniably, you experience the best furniture work from Timber Avenue within your planned budget while meeting your desire.