TILES CARRELAGE - Welcome to the leading international brand of Tiles from India. With our great efforts on constant innovation for the Wall and Floor Tiles, a successful result is achieved in form of the leading brand i.e. TILES CARRELAGE. We are in compliance with international standards certified by ISO 9001:2015. We believe in exporting products that have utmost quality. Our quality management certification speaks for our commitment to quality and efforts to preserve it to the hilt. The state of the art technology coupled with elegance designs made this brand the leader across the globe. Our excellent brand image and our strong distribution network enable us to make presence to all continents of the world in short span of time.

Our corporate office is located at S.G highway,Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India. Worldwide presence of Tiles Carrelage is the result of a team of highly qualified professionals and associates who cater to every nook and corner of the world. They proactively research trends and study consumer insights to ensure that their product offerings are the most contemporary and modern in the exterior and interior world. We are offering wide range of Digital Wall Tiles, Polished Porcelain Tiles with unique designs with eye catching shades as per customer’s requirements.

Committed to deliver only the best quality product that matches international quality norms, we believe in quality rather than quantity. Thus Tiles Carrelage has created a unique identity through its compact yet premium range. We are complete service provider for the customer, catering best quality material with immediate dispatch. With power of imagination, passion and determination, we have achieved trust and satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Our Vision

  • We aspire to be one of the greatest brands of the world in tiles industry renowned for innovation.
  • Be the most profitable Tile brand globally by 2022, being considered a reference in innovation as well as trend setter.
  • Develop and commercialize products that are affordable luxury for customers increasing value for money.
  • Creating innovative products and designs through technology to foster the best products and services that fit rational as well as aesthetical purposes for changing needs of consumers.

    Our Mission

  • Make presence in every continents of the world.
  • Provide innovative and add-value tiling solutions, exceeding the expectations of our clients, employees, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Gain worldwide recognition in the field of ceramic industry products through R&D and bring enhanced lifestyle within reach of every household.
  • Make Tiles Carrelage synonymous for the best quality with world class ceramic products and set a new benchmark of excellence across the globe.

    Core Values

  • Discipline - We are focused and disciplined in our business activities.
  • Integrity - We conduct our business with utmost honesty and transparency.
  • Responsibility - We deliver what we promise.
  • Quality - We seek continuous improvement in all that we do.

    Quality Policy

    At Tiles Carrelage, the basic principle of the quality policy is fulfilment of requirements and satisfaction of our clients, with a focus on product properties, their technical and aesthetical values, reliability and readiness of deliveries. We create optimal conditions for our customers, which enable them to increase their knowledge and professional competencies. We constantly improve working and social conditions by focusing on occupational safety and health protection.

    The company's management has assumed full responsibility for understanding and implementing the quality policy at all levels. We expect our employees to have an active approach in handling new tasks and to make suggestions for improvement of all processes with an effect on the final quality of products. We appreciate their role in building the brand image and gaining a market share.

    Following key quality parameters are being strictly checked by our quality control department prior to each dispatches.

    • Water Absorption
    • Bending Strength
    • Thickness
    • Shape and Surface
    • Density
    • Breaking strength
    • Frost resistance and chemical resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Glossiness

    Research & Development

    Tiles Carrelage has witnessed an unprecedented growth in terms of size, volume and geographical presence and much of this is credited to its robust research and development activities. Meeting international standards in the ceramic industry can be a cumbersome task if not properly planned with well managed R & D set up. Our R& D Department keeps a strict watch on every aspect when it comes to delivering a quality product. The stagewise control of production parameters like temperature, viscosity etc. is done by a team of Lab technicians who are equipped with accurate equipments.The culture of quality and service at Tiles Carrelage is today furthered by our technological adeptness.

    Our products undergo regular quality tests. Stringent quality tests are also carried out on raw materials like clays, minerals, chemicals and pigments. We put maximum efforts to bring original yet classy designs. New designs also added to the portfolio almost every month with varied application right from kitchen, living room, Bathroom and exteriors. Our Brand promises a luxury that last a long life. The machinery, people and the raw materials all put together deliver on this promise day after day. When you apply our tiles in your homes you can rest assured the beauty will last a lifetime

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