Tiara is a passionate and enthusiastic group craving to achieve perfection and premium quality. They deal in manufacturing of hinges and corners, drawer channel, nooks and crevices and doors. All products are ensured with superior efficiency and enhanced performance with the German fittings. Years of development and research in the field of ergonomics science enables them to manufacture state of the art and tailored products. They aim to provide customers with functional designs.

Raw materials are of premium quality and meticulously selected. In fact every single step of production to final assembly is minutely observed to produce best in class Tiara product. Apart from that, all fittings are passed through strict tests. They are truly committed to quality products.

Vision And Mission

The promise of perfection:
Every single day.

Functional designs, clean lines and the perfection of superior engineering. The appeal of Tiara kitchens lies not just in their striking designs, but also in the proprietary problem-solving routines and stringent internal processes that go into designing a Tiara product. Premium-quality materials and exacting craftsmanship meet beautiful, clean forms in a way that adds unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Driven by passion. Made by machines. Perfected by hands...

Tiara is a promise of perfection. We bring together the quality of high-end machinery and the boutique approach of personalised attention to every piece we produce. Our business ethic of quality without compromise translates into better designed, value-for-money products that help you live and function more comfortably, efficiently and effectively.

Tiara strikes the balance between innovation and tradition, offering international design aesthetics with solid Indian sensibilities and applications. At Tiara, contemporary technology is combined with timeless aesthetics to become a personal expression of stylish living. We work closely with architects, interior designers and clients to create kitchens that match every customer's unique lifestyle and create the ideal blend of form and function.


Amazing blend of technocrats, technology and highly trained and efficient craftsmen allows the company to maintain stringent quality control over all processes ranging from selection of raw materials to production and assembling of products. The company makes sure the precise implementation of functionalities and appearance so as to satisfy the modern technological standards.

The company was founded in the year 2003 and their manufacturing unit is laced with highly advanced and modern German equipment and machineries including CNCs, panel saws, bend machines, spindle molders, spraying booths, hot presses, and much more. These state of the art machineries enable them to deliver exact and premium quality products and set a high benchmark of Tiara. An exhaustive collection of cutting edge fittings are available in their warehouse. They have a team of skilled and extremely talented workers helping them to preserve conventional crafts skills which is amalgamated with the modern technology.