Thorn Lighting is a globally trusted supplier of outdoor and indoor luminaires with integrated controls. Our mission is to make great lighting available to all. Our high performance lighting solutions can be found in many different applications such as sport, road, tunnel, cityscape, office, education or industry.

Founded in 1928, we have years of experience in providing lighting solutions. Leveraging our research and development facilities, we actively work to promote the correct lighting standards and are uniquely placed to combine the latest light source technology with our specialist expertise in optical and luminaire design. We focus on digitally-integrated solutions through the latest lighting controls technology. Our aim is to exceed the requirements of customers all over the world to become the trusted, reliable, professional long-term partner for cost-effective lighting.

We offer energy savings without compromising performance, efficiency and comfort. To achieve a lighting solution where aesthetics, optical performance, and energy consumption are all in perfect balance is at the core of what we do. Our lighting solutions are easy to specify, install, and maintain.

Our Mission

We make great lighting easy for you.

Our Vision

We strive to deliver high performance ligfhting. We want to be the preferred partner of our customers for cost-effective solutions that are sustainable and digitally integrated.


From sustainability initiatives, lighting controls systems and product information to on going support, eControl gives you everything you need to achieve maximum energy efficiencies.

Hub Of Light

The Hub of Light - Experience the possibilities

The Hub of Light in the resund region in Denmark/Sweden is your opportunity to experience the future of lighting.

The vision of the region is: "By maximising the benefits of integration and cross-border dynamics, the resund Region will stand out as the most attractive and climate-smart region in Europe."

Lighting plays an important role in this vision and Thorn has become a major player to support its achievement. We are involved in the area through partnerships with municipalities, research centres, and universities amongst others and have a great variety of reference projects.

This is a unique opportunity to make it easy for you to see our lighting solutions, which focus on comfortable lighting for citizens as well as saving energy in a live environment. In addition, we would like to present you together with our partners a view of the future of lighting, smart cities and innovation.

Thorn Energy Partnership

Open to applications from installers and contractors, the aim is to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance.

Led Guide

Visit our Smart Building Experience

Our interactive online tool will help you discover the most suitable LED lighting and controls for buildings and surrounds, and see some of the more imaginative ways our products can be used in energy intensive environments. Complete with all the common spaces you would expect to find in a smart building, simply select a specific area for best practice advice, product information and lots more.

Our Smart Building Experience is part of our broader Smart City Experience, and it is updated every time a new product is launched so you can be confident you are viewing and comparing our very latest products.