ISHAAAN INDUSTRIES provides you with access to a wide range of complementary products for thermal comfort, viz., THERMATEK® HEAT RESISTANT TERRACE TILES, THERMATEK® COOL MORTAR and THERMATEK® Colored Heat Reflective Paint .
Every complementary product has gone through a rigorous qualification process before being added to our catalogue and as a result is assured to be support ready.

We assure you shorter lead times through our well-defined supply chains with regional contacts through which to order and procure your total THERMATEK® products.

THERMATEK® Heat Resistant Terrace Tile is the core of ISHAAN brand of products. It is our signature product that not only replicates the benefits of conventional cool roofing product but also incorporates new and improved properties and attributes with major advantages for buildings and homes which suffer daily barrages of solar radiation and absorption through roofs.

This super-strong and multi-component tile is known for its cool attribute. It is the latest generation of cool roofing - functional, durable and ideally suited to your special projects and homes. Used in new construction, it allows you to minimize substructure cost from the initial planning stages. This means substantial construction cost savings. On renovation projects, it can often be applied directly over existing terrace sans brick jelly concrete / brick bat coba to provide a long-lasting and heat resistant cover.

The product has won public approval. Field assessment of roof systems with THERMATEK® establishes not only existing performance attributes but also shows that the physical properties of the 30+ evaluated roofs in hot climatic zones were positive regardless of the age of installation and that these properties point to the longevity of the product.

All these facts significantly expand your grasp of the added value of using THERMATEK®, challenge other cool roof products such as reflective coatings, foam insulators and porous insulators and ask you by a comparative study to see the big picture - Setting your choice on THERMATEK®.

THERMATEK is being marketed to block skyrocketing temperatures from penetrating through the roof into the building as heat.

Under very clear skies, up to 1200 w/m2 of solar radiation reaches the roof top. The resultant roof temperature can rise above ambient air temperatures by as much as 32 C. Imagine ordinary household hair dryers every 10 feet in both directions of your two-dimensional array: that is the intensity of the suns energy incident upon a roof top. The radiation the roofs capture from the sun ingresses to the building interior. Using THERMATEK alleviates solar heating loads inside the building which in turn lowers electricity requirements. In other words, the interactive activities of occupants with the THERMATEK installed building to maximize comfort empower the resident and return to him the control over his cooling costs and roof longevity.

All this discussion leads to some expected insights into the advantages of THERMATEK which are:

  • The best means to counteract the deleterious effects of high heat levels
  • The push to lower temperature inside home for thermal comfort
  • Proven energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, heat resistance, and long term performance
  • Savings on cooling costs
  • The way to extend the life of roofs, since a cooler roof would tend to undergo less expansion, and thus experience
  • less wear and tear under the sun
  • User friendly installation
  • Very cost effective over time because it outlasts conventional roofing and requires little maintenance
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