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The Trunks Company
The Trunks Company
The Trunks Company

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft

Client: Mr.Paritosh Mehta

Trunks Company Jaipur is a high end retail store designed by Shantanu Garg Design. Located at The Big Door, Bandra, it is a locally oriented brand from India. While the owners were forming a brand ideology, they wanted trunks to become a part of the ideology, they wanted trunks to become a part of lifestyle for the elite.

Being an Indian brand while the trunks belonged to Art Deco, the brand is inculcating Indian fabric, embroidery, colours, and local art in their trunks.

We tried to use the old Art Deco style with modern compostions and functional placements.

'Jaali' design was used as a local Indian element. Display is like an installation for this custom-made lifestyle accessory. The colours- blue with a dash of coral are the brand colours of the company used in a very innovative style. This store has already had a high celbrity footfall and appreciation. It is one of its kind gifted to Mumbai, with love from Jaipur.