The Sustainable Versatility Design Awards North America, United States, March 2014

About Contest:

This is a NO FEE design competition available exclusively for architecture and design students currently enrolled in an accredited university in North America. Run by the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association [NELMA], this competition is designed to celebrate building and designing with one of North America's most historic species, Eastern White Pine.


Design Challenge:

Eastern White Pine is traditionally associated with an authentic, rustic design aesthetic.  More and more these days, architects and designers are incorporating this species into modern settings.

Your challenge for the 2014 Sustainable Versatility Design Awards is to incorporate the use of Eastern White Pine into a light commercial construction project set in an urban environment.



  • How best can you showcase Eastern White Pine in a commercial environment?
  • How will Eastern White Pine blend with a more urban, modern aesthetic?
  • How Eastern White Pine be incorporated into other sustainability features of your project?

Examples of Light Commercial Construction: 

Banks, community centers, schools, houses of worship, restaurants, movie theaters, small shopping centers, self-storage facilities and office buildings.



  • Articulate what Eastern White Pine pattern, finishing or treatment you are using in your project
  • A ground floor and/or site plan showing the relationship of the building to the surrounding landscaping, adjacent buildings, etc. if applicable.
  • Elevations and/or sections sufficient to show the building's relationship to the site and the integration of building systems and exterior facade.
  • At least one detailed section drawing or three-dimensional model (either photograph(s) of a physical model or computer-generated images) illustrating the integration of sustainable practices and demonstrating the use of eastern white pine.
  • Additional floor plans as appropriate.
  • Entrants are also required to provide a 750-word (max) narrative describing the project, the use of Eastern White Pine and other sustainability features.

Judging Criteria:

20 Points - Knowledge of Eastern White Pine as a sustainable building material

20 Points - Innovative use of Eastern White Pine

20 Points - Design Aesthetic

20 Points - Buildability

20 Points - Adherence to project guidelines



Submissions: March 1, 2014

Award Notification: March 30, 2014

Award Ceremony: April 11, 2014



First Place: $750 and one night accommodation in Boston for the awards + featured in the Eastern White Pine Monographs

Second Place: $500 + Featured in the Eastern White Pine Monographs

Third Place: $250

The Sustainable Versatility Design Awards North America, United States, March 2014