Being a family running business of India, The Shop India is completely focused in maintaining the traditional values and culture by designing high quality textiles crafted by hands to serve the home furnishings purpose. They possess their own workshop for the production of high quality goods which is exclusively designed with open space, organic material as well as natural light. This provides a perfect atmosphere for the craftsman and the designers to work efficiently and effectively.

They have developed various new and innovative techniques for dyeing, block printing, screen printing, machine embroidery as well as hand embroidery. Apart from all this, they also provide the facility of quilting for the people as well. Their team of skilled professionals possess a deep understanding and sensibility of contemporary designs which are attained by the combination of traditional patterns as well as indigenous techniques. All their linen products are wholesaled and retailed by them all over the world.

Our Heritage

The culture of creating home decor products in India has been established over the years. The tradition of women doing the work of and quilting has emerged as a traditional form of art which is recognised all over the world. If we particularly talk about this handmade home decor industry, they have created employment for more than 3.5 million people across India. The most interesting thing about it is that among those 3.5 million people most of them are generally women because they are mostly involved in the production and manufacturing of bedding and garments.

This proves that the success of India in this field of export market is completely dependent on the female population of the country and due to their predominance in this industry.

Out of the numerous women workers in the Shop India, every worker has a distinctive experience of numerous years in this field. One of them is Sarita Verma who belongs to Saharsa, Bihar. She became a proud employee of this shop in the year 1989 and with the passage of year has been able to explore more skills and talents. Another experienced woman who works in this shop is Anita Sharma, who became the member of this shop in the year 1986.