the purple ink studio is a multiple award winning practice in Bengaluru, which was started in 2011 with the ideas of two individuals who strongly believed in their respective design concepts and had nurtured the feeling over the past couple of years. The Studio has won the most coveted ‘Best Practice of 2016’ award from TRENDS EXCELLENCE AWARDS for Architecture & Design and have also been listed in the top 50 Next Gen Architects who will shape India, amongst other numerous National & International Honors.

The studio believes in constantly exploring the parameters of design and blurring the boundaries between architecture, landscape and sustainability. We constantly engage in the practices of ‘Regenerative Architecture’ that focuses on conservation and performance through a focused reduction on the environmental impacts of a built structure.

The Studio is working on experiments which are based in the present day scenario (as prototypes) which when multiplied, would breed into a series of ‘Eco-cities’, set in the future. These experiments focus on the ‘Kilometer Zero’ concept, which strives to generate locally everything that is necessary for our living.”

The underlying focus is to integrate the ideas of our architectural theories using a series of integrated/hybrid techniques to develop a new breed of regenerative architecture.

Personal Details
F-09, Naveen Apts, 13th main, Near Mt. Carmel College, Off Palace road, Vasant Nagar, Bangaluru, Karnataka, India - 560052