Creating ambiences that cast a spell, and designs that provide captivating visual narratives, The Orange Lane has emerged as a leading name in the field of interior and architectural design in India. Founded by Principal Designer Shabnam Gupta in 2003, the firm not only acts as a Design Consultant, it also provides complete Turnkey Design Solutions.

Over little more than a decade, the Company has executed an impressive range of prestigious projects. These span an entire spectrum - urban residences and weekend countryside homes that are symbols of fine living; lifestyle stores and corporate offices that speak of an understated elegance, and hospitality projects that have become cool hangouts for the young at heart.

Whether for celebs from the movie and TV industry or corporate honchos, hoteliers and businessmen, The Orange Lane has created iconic spaces that reflect the essence of each individual's personality. Every client-specific interior or design has the unmistakable stamp of Shabnam. It exudes energy and spirit in a delicate and subtle fashion.

Little wonder then that The Orange Lane has quickly established itself as a niche firm with a distinctive style characterised by eclectic design sensibilities and ideas.

Personal Details
31N,Laxmi Idustrial Estate Andheri Link Road,Andheri (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400053 /

Phone:+91 22 2634073/+91 22 26370512

Owner: Shabnam Gupta

Founded: 2003