The Home of the Traveller is one of the popularly known brand names in the field of furniture, lifestyle products and home decor products. They provide an enchanting exploration of the entire world and its surrounding. They offer the miraculous mixture of variety of colours, cultures, materials, designs and textures from all over the globe. Each and every single product of the home of the traveller is picked personally by the hands of TJ Singh and JJ Valaya which is a significant symbol of refinement. Their store is basically a reflection of 6 ultimate moods and themes which includes vintage, art deco, organic, India, world and glamour.

They provide perfect fusion of the old with the new which is one of a kind concept. All their products bring forth the part of history, character as well as narrative in your home. Every product has its own alluring story to tell. This is the reason why they have gained the position of a brand in this industry.