There exists an expected destiny as well as an irreversible history behind every living space which has been identified by the Great Eastern Home. They originated within the confined areas of a textile mill of Mumbai in 1839 with the name of The New Great Eastern Mills. This place still stand as it is as it was in its beginning age. The distant memory of rotating spindles, the chimney and the faltering cadence of fusion of warp with the weft by looms can still be felt there.

They offer a treasure world full of charm and delight which purveys fine quality of furniture, collectibles as well as art. All their products are only meant to enlighten the suggestive moods of the people. Whenever you get a chance to browse them, you will definitely not be able to resist yourself to give every product a glance. All their products have their own tempting appeal for the customers due to which they easily get attracted towards them. They cater multitudes of finest objects for the customer’s choice. Some of the magnificent examples of elegance and glamour that can be found in their collection are the amazing coloured chandeliers of glass and various traditional architectural furniture and artifacts depicting the age of past centuries and many more.

The complete collection of the Great Eastern Home is inspired and stimulated by the fascination of the French Style, the greatness of the Baroque, the enthusiasm inspired by nature of the Art Nouveau, the delicate elegance of the Art deco and the endless appeal of the great Colonial style. All their products are the masterpieces which are created with dedicated craftsmanship as well as skills to strike the minds of mass people for luxury. All their furniture products are the true representation of class and royalty in which every single intricate detail is taken care of which include the selection of finest quality wood, crafting techniques, polishing as well as finishing of the products.

They work in joint collaboration with various designers as well as architects due to which they broadened their boundaries in terms of innovation and designing. They are not just a store to fulfil the luxury needs of people. In fact, they also provide an amazing platform to the young and enthusiastic artists to exhibit their talent. This has provided great engagement as well as exposure for both buyers as well as viewers.

They possess their own workshop to design extra ordinary interior solutions for decor according to modern style. They provide customised styling solutions for the interiors of your home with variety of themes and concepts. Apart from their products, they also offer best class solutions for architecture as well as interior designing to the people for both commercial as well as residential projects.

The Offerings

They offer eclectic range of collection for the utility and luxury of global aesthetics. All their products are generally hand crafted as well as handpicked. They have given special emphasis on the design, detailing, finishing and the proportion of all their products. They do not drive their products by market trend. Rather they bring out something innovative and unique styles which are distinctive from the existing market trends. All their editions of products and accessories are one of a kind and limited, related to your living spaces which include dinning, study, bed and various other places.