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The Dance Of Planes
The Dance Of Planes

Area: 11000 Sq. Ft

Client: Ankit Modi

As per design, this house is a composition of plane and volume as a element of designing, thereby planes are treated with stone cladding in Italian marble. There is a placement of a enterance foyer in a detached cube structure cladded with corten look alike finish which is achieved by a product imported especially from Italy, called Laminem.

This 11,000 sq.fts. Residence comprises 4 levels i.e basement, ground, 1st and 2nd floors respectively. There is a sports bar as a lounge that has graphical interiors achieved by the use of projector and a trunk especially handcrafted to ambit a DJ console along with fully equipped bar and a separate home theatre.

Ground and 1st floor include both formal and informal living spaces comprising a Suite on the first floor and living, dining and drawing on ground floor.

Second floor comprises of wellness zone that includes a SPA as well. This SPA has customized cladding achieved by pigmenting the Indian sandstone and it includes a Jacuzzi, massage room, steam room and a powder room. Rest of the space is occupied by the Gym which has 3 sided glass windows giving a nice view.