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The British School
The British School

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 2,97,000 Sq Ft | 5.3 Acres

Client: The British School Society

The Site is located in the heart of the city, in a sparsely populated area with numerous parks, green areas and open spaces. Located in close proximity to the airport, the area houses many international embassies and foreign diplomats, hence playing a crucial role in terms of imparting the project with issues relevant to urban identity. The brief provided by The British School Society called for the new school building to reinstate the brand identity of the school and establish it as a landmark with urban frontage, whilst enhancing the spatial quality of the built environment. The school caters to a much higher degree of diversity and has wide implications on the education system with personalized learning being crucial to the ideology of the school.