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Terazzo is the one most significant company for stylish and designer laminate flooring  which has given a completely new outlook and dimension to the perception of laminate floorings. They have involved themselves in bringing out new conceptions of laminate floorings by specially capturing the elegance, appeal as well as design of the flooring. Apart from this, they also take the physical texture of the flooring into special consideration and they have been successful in offering the finest details as well as contours in all their products with the help of innovative and advanced techniques of production.
They have adopted the latest German technology in order to achieve the elegance, durability and exceptional texture of the surface due to which they have created a reputed position in the global market. All their products are true representation of class, perfection, durability and elegance.

Why Laminate Flooring?

The latest upcoming trend in the industry of residential as well as commercial flooring is of laminate flooring which has created its own demand in the market due to its exquisite features and benefits. Some of its major benefits include:

  • These flooring are highly resistant to the harmful UV (Ultra-Violet) rays of the sun due to which their elegance remains the same throughout several years.
  • These floorings can be easily installed as well.
  • They cover excellent protection in terms of their warranty.
  • They can be easily cleaned and maintained as they do not trap excessive dirt.
  • Any kind of repair work, if required can also be easily done. 

Laminate Means...Versatility!

These laminate floorings are the best suitable example of versatility because of their excessive flexibility. You can take out maximum advantage of their beautiful colored patterns by changing certain accents of your room. 

Be Creative

More creativity can be done with the laminate floorings as compared to tiles. It just requires a creative mind to install the floorings in the most unique and creative manner. For example, these floorings can be fixed diagonally instead of fixing them straight. This will provide a completely different look and elegance to your room. 

Match Or Contrast ... That''s The Question!

With so many wood-grain looks available in laminate, most consumers are tempted to try to match new flooring to the color of existing cabinetry. And while it may work out in some instances, you will probably be more satisfied with the end result if you choose a contrasting or coordinating look. 

Go Ahead

If you are personally looking forward to give a designer look to your home, you must opt for laminate floorings which will definitely create huge difference in your interiors. 

Terazzo For Interior Residential Flooring Applications

Terazzo For Interior Residential Flooring Applications

Terazzo being a well known company of laminated flooring provides a warranty for all their original products to their consumers which can be used under normal circumstances against the policies of the company. You can also easily extend the specified warranty period of your floorings by adopting the appropriate channel of the company. This warranty remains valid only if it is installed in the interior of a residential building and remains on the same location during the years of its warranty. 


Terazzo ClassyTerazzo CorporateTerazzo HeritageTerazzo Tropical
Wear *
Fade *

  • To be covered, "Wear" must be through the decorative print. Gloss reduction is not wear
  • To be covered, "Fade" must be due to exposure to sun or electrical light.


All the products of Terazzo are made up of wood and laminate which may expand and contract during weather change. You all need not to worry under such circumstances as it is covered under the warranty. The warranty covers the following events as well:

  • Abuse, accidents or misuse of the flooring.
  • Accidents of fire which are caused due to any kind of short circuit and natural calamity.
  • Excessive exposure of the flooring to high humidity and high temperature.
  • Improper way of maintenance.
  • Excessive coverage of moisture due to natural calamity.

However the warranty remains null and void under the occurrence of following events:

  • The damage caused due to intentional removal of the flooring from its original position without any notification.
  • Getting the repair of the flooring from an unauthorised individual. 

What Terazzo Will Do

 In order to claim any kind of warranty due to non performance of the product during first year, the product must have been installed by the professional installer and the total cost of the material will be paid by the company. If it is not installed by a trained professional, they will not provide any kind of replacement or repair.

Apart from this, if you demand the claim of warranty after one year, they will repay the only 90 percent of the cost of material during the second year. However till 15 years, the percentage of repayment gets reduced till 50 percent. This percentage is completely based on number of years of the product. 

What You Need To Do

The consumers who get the laminated flooring of Terazzo installed in their residence can claim the warranty directly through the retailer from where the product has been purchased. The consumers are required to keep the proof of purchase date safely with them without which the warranty cannot be claimed.  The customers need to be very much careful while taking the receipt or any other proof of purchase date from the retailer as any kind of discrepancy caused afterwards will not be entertained by the company.