Tempesta is the most prominent name in the field of decorative stones and mosaic tiles. They are completely dedicated towards bringing sophistication in the livelihood of every individual. They infuse the stunning qualities of traditional stones with leather and various other surface finishes in order to bring out the elegance as well as timeless appeal to the customers.

They have created a wide range of possibilities for the people to think. Whether it is a beautiful floor, a graceful bedroom, a dramatic wall, a surrounding fireplace or a lustrous top of the kitchen counter, they always think beyond the imagination of common an in order to produce extra ordinary products. A wide range of finishes as well as colors are available with them which possess significant features of stability, durability as well as huge strength.

The natural stone has its own appealing power to attract the attention of the people. At Tempesta, they provide ultimate solutions which will raise your soul from the basic level of pleasure to higher level. They are the first Indian company who have recognised the importance of Italian technology and have utilised it in all their products. You can easily find the touch of Italian style in all their products for luxury homes.