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Teh Bazaari
Teh Bazaari
Teh Bazaari
Teh Bazaari
Teh Bazaari

Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Teh Bazaari is an urban reconstruction project aimed at revamping the conditions of the street vendors in the INA Market area of Delhi. The idea is put forth through a combination of Open Site Strategy, use of tensile structures and introducing public conveniences. These strategies enables maximum functional use of the narrow space cuts the cost down as well as brings about user-friendliness. Innovation in the form of modular vendor carts and permanent kiosks designed on their varied functionalities and anthropometrics, aims at turning the disorganized street in to a more organized urban space.

Significant Features

The Layout
The layout of the permanent kiosks and the vendor's carts along the street, enables an easy and fluid system of two-way shopping.

The Carts
The carts are designed in a modular way to suit the different products that are sold by each vendor. Thus, a unique adjustable racking system along with a locking and aligning system caters to the needs of the vendors as well as the street structure. The modular carts and when joined together act as a homogenous system and enable vendors to expand in the same fabric of the street.

The Permanent Kiosks
The permanent kiosks line the street wall and are compose of ample storage as well as multi-purpose collapsible Jaalis to cater to the varying needs and uses of the vendors.
Project Themes