TechnyChemy was created with a vision "NOVELTY AND ADAPTABILITY" in the field of construction chemicals. To this end Techny has been working relentlessly to de-mystify Construction Chemicals and creating products that is user friendly, versatile and consistent in performance.

Promoted by a team of technocrats and assisted by a team of eminent Polymer Chemists, The combined experience of 30+years of our Director is a boon to the company as well as for construction chemical industry.
Techny has in its fold a wide range of Construction chemicals for building protection, preservation, repair / rehabilitation and other support products all of which are building friendly.

Techny is now emerging as a big force providing end-to-end solution for the construction industry, from marketing to implementation of construction chemicals, in the South India. The company has always been and is conscious about delivering quality products backed by timely efficient service and also implementing the projects in a scientific and systematic way. It is meritorious that Techny has a wide array of clients spread all over South India.

Technychemy is an ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company and it has a 150 size personnel of work force, 40+ applicator, 600+ dealers who are result oriented, with best educational background, highly trained and with a high degree of motivation to service the market.
Products manufactured includes admixtures, waterproofing chemicals, Tile adhesive, Tile grouts, wall putty, epoxy floorings, anchor grouts.

Our services include waterproofing of new & old buildings, Pressure grouting of concrete floors and walls, Core cut packing work, Expansion joints work, Wall putty work, Epoxy jointing grout work, Applying of Heat reflective coatings, crack filling work, Applying of anticorrosive coatings, Thermal insulation tiles laying, Rebaring and anchor fixing, application of epoxy floorings, applying of elevation coatings for tiles and concretes. Our specialty is we have trained personnel for do execute these work. We give guarantee for the work we undertake.

Our tag line promises that we are new era construction chemical manufactures who relentlessly looks for what a customer needs. We do not stop at just selling products for standard applications but also look for solutions and suggest the combination of our application of chemicals for any problems our customer encounters. We have a vast experience in this field as we have closely worked with construction industry for the past 30+ years. Our expertise in the business has made our Research & Development team strong as we develop products to meet the challenges faced by the customers of construction industry.

We are able to deliver what we promise because we are only company in India who has all in one roof: Manufacture, Market and apply the construction chemicals. We have Techincal team to analyse the problem, R&D team to innovate products and skilled labourers to carry out the work

A few specific reasons for considering Techny chemy

Unique: Comprehensive services - There is no comparable firm in India who deliver all under one roof. We get repeat business which talks that we are unique. We do not rush up our clients

Expertise: We have experienced technical team who inspect and suggest solutions we give options and associated budgets which are calculated on actual. We have our technical director who has 3 decades of experience in this construction chemical and who has been loyal to this industry.

Results driven: we are result oriented that's why we give guarantee for our products and work we do. We give quality product and services.

Quality: We have trained & skilled labourers to attend any type of work. The quality is monitored by our site engineer and project co ordinator.

Timely completion: We work under time schedule. We meticulously plan our activity before even we kick start work so any snag from the construction side will be intimated well in advance to avoid any project delays.

Co ordination: In this type of application work co ordination is a key to a satisfactory completion of work. Our project co ordinator will visit site and co ordinate with the client, architect, structural consultant, site engineers for a smooth completion of projects

Customization: Service works are tailor made suiting to each client because the building are different and the causes could be numerous. Many a times products are even manufactured to suit the client needs. Trails are conducted from our research team which gives products to satisfy the customer. So innovation is part and parcel of our team

Big Vs Individual clients: We treat every customer as equal and does not differentiate in terms of value of work. We even attend very small work from 10sqft to 10 lakh sqft. For us customer is a focus and his satisfaction is our greatest drive to service

Future 'Technychemy' Framework: Trends are identified by envisioning the market from a three decade experience, introducing new products in the area of interest and 'folding the future view in' to meet the 'current need' of the market

Core Values

Construction chemical is a "people business" our employees are our most important success factor. Its our duty to that we are able to develop even better solutions for our customers and to provide them first class service. To out-perform the market and our competitors, we create the best trained sales and customer support team in the industry.

Quality Policy

We strongly believe that Quality is never an accident, but the result of high intentions and sincere efforts.

Greener Environment

Techny gives remarkable preference to the safety, health and environmental management. At Techny we ensure to protect the environment and preserve its greenery by having systems in place. This is evident from the fact that we have ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environment management systems. We take utmost care of our employees by ensuring their safety and the environment all the time.

This is an ongoing process as it follows the company's value system.


Our Vision is to be the most successful and respected construction chemical company in India.


Partner actively with our customers for a longterm partnership to provide innovative and sustainbale technical solutions to help them increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and minimize risks.

Techny Smart Solutions

Visa ( Visit, Inspect, Solutions And Apply): Besides offering smart products, Techny Tech Team offers Smart Solutions for waterproofing, building protection and industrial applications. Techny Tech Team also offers case based rehabilitation packages, right from case study, testing, formulating and scheduling rehabilitation, and providing application support through its Trained Applicator Network.

Techny believes that quality products must be followed up with the right application support. Therefore at Techny, Applicator training is an enduring process.

We also assist and closely work with Architects, Structural consultants, Engineers, Promoters, Apartment promoters and individual home owners upon giving solutions to problems they encounter concerning buildings.

Techny Tech Team Visits your site to identify the causes of the problems by Inspecting your buildings thoroughly for analyzing the root cause of your problems and provide with cost effective Solutions which can be Applied to rectify the problems.

List Of Services Provided By Our Technical Team

  • Water proofing of old and new buildings - Bathrooms, Sump, Over head tank, Terrace, Sunshades, Balcony, Utility area, Sloped roof, Terrace Garden and swimming pool
  • Pressure grouting for concrete - floors and walls - Sump, Over head tank
  • Core cut packing work - Bathroom, Sump, Over head Tank, Sunshades
  • Crack filling on walls - Walls and ceilings at interiors
  • Expansion joints work - Horizontal / Vertical, Ceilings floors, concrete walls
  • Wall putty work & painting: Interior and exterior walls and ceilings
  • Epoxy Jointing grout work - Bathrooms / Sunkens, rooms
  • Heat reflective coatings work: Coatings on terraces and cement sheets
  • Anticorrosive coatings work: Exposed steel rods on interiors as well as exteriors, Grills and Steel gates to prevent corrosion
  • Thermal insulation tiles laying: Energy efficient tiles will be layed, quantities tailor made to customers requirements and made to order
  • Rebaring and anchor fixing: In beams, columns, ceilings, fixing up of steel hand rails for steps, Fixing up of machineries in factories
  • Application of epoxy floorings: For floorings in showroom, factories, pharma, foundries, hospitals
  • Elevation coatings : To maintain the beauty of house and protect it from the environment this special coating is applied on the elevation tiles and concretes.


Techny manufactures its product adhering strict quality principles. We strongly believe that Quality is never an accident, but the result of high intentions and sincere efforts. To reinforce this we have a strong Research & Development wing which innovates new products depending upon the customer needs. Continuous trials are given to satisfy the customers. Strict quality and testing systems are in place which ensures only quality products leaves the factory.