Established in 2003, TechnoArchitecture believes in creating design master pieces. Our experience, proven processes and commitment to design excellence produce lasting structures and enduring client relationships.

Under the innovative leadership of Rajesh Shivaram, the team at TechnoArchitecture has created design master pieces in architecture, interiors, landscaping and product design. We draw on our rich history, dedication to design excellence and an unyielding focus on quality to create exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience.

With a dedicated team of young architects TechnoArchitecture runs on the intensity of there combined energy and focus. Every member brings his or her skills and experience to the table. The results are often dramatic and larger than life, with the synthesis of ideas and vision producing structures that are practical yet appealing and unique yet conforming to the needs off the client.

Personal Details
#9 ,Uttaradhi mutt road, Shankarpuram, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560004


Owner: Rajesh Shivaram

Founded: 2002

Employees: 15


Nature Of Business