We started in 1997 with the intention of introducing well-designed, ready made furniture and architectural products into the Indian market.

Our aim is to promote “good design” in the fullest sense of the term. A good design solution is one which achieves comfort, durability, beauty, functional and structural logic, appropriate technology all with an economy of means.

Our products and manufacturing processes are environment friendly. We are concerned not only about the natural environment but also about the quality of the man-made environment, which is rapidly being polluted by substitutes for natural materials.

We use solid wood/ timber in our furniture. Wood is a natural material and environmentally sound if sourced from managed forests. It is100% recyclable.

Our products are durable and long lasting. Inexpensive products built for a shorter product life, encourage more consumption and increase waste.

Our catalogue of designs offers a wide range of size and material options. We can customize our designs to meet specific requirements or work with architects and interior designers to develop furniture for a specific project.

Our products are available off the shelf at our company showroom at Satellite Road, Ahmedabad. We also accept orders.

Personal Details


Owner: Anuya Naik

Founded: 1997

Nature Of Business