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Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 2500 Sq. Ft.

Team: Ajay Sethi, Sunil Philip, Mugdha Sethi, Suranjana Satwalekar

Project Completed: 2010

A cylindrical glass building needed to be converted very quickly into a Customer Experience Centre for a leading IT firm in India. The initial concept decided to focus on four verticals that the company was involved in and highlighting the various solutions for the same. The entry experience on the ground floor commences with a short Audio Visual film on the customised video wall. Three TV monitors, mounted on glass screens to preserve the transparency of the space, highlight specific issues that inspire the solutions. Translucent acrylic screens with sector specific visuals reinforce these themes.

The graphic screens dominate as one enters the first floor where the specific solutions are displayed. Each sector is represented by a large glass panel covered with a translucent graphic serving as the backdrop. White seamless ribbon shelves serve as the physical counters to house the hardware that highlights the software solutions, and a blue LED strip backlighting enhancing the effect of the displays. The translucent graphic screens offer crisp views through the glass skin of the building when viewed from the outside at night.

As this space served a completely different function prior to the renovation, the entire layout is worked out in a manner where it does not interfere with the existing services in the ceiling, i.e. the cassette AC's, sprinklers, speakers are all retained in their original position. The entire false ceiling was redone with a completely new aesthetic with the redesigned lighting scheme using only LED's in the entire space which is a part of a LEED certified building. The position of the existing services partly govern the dynamic angles that define the glass.