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Taxashila Hotel And Cultural Complex
Taxashila Hotel And Cultural Complex

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Project Work Status: Unbuilt Projects

Area: 8,50,000 Sq Ft | 7.3 Acres

Client: Ambuja Neotia

TAXASHILA is a cultural center located outside the fabled 'city of joy', Kolkata, that seeks to embody the socio-cultural aspirations, historical background and ambience of the place. The aim is to create an experience that would reflect local values and foster community. The client envisioned it as a cross between a spiritually charged lyceum reminiscent of Taxashila, the center of learning in ancient India and a cultural hot spot worthy of luring people away from kitschy shopping malls. Taxashila forms an important node in the continuity of public spaces across the city. Due to its proximity to upscale suburbs of Kolkata called Salt Lake Park, it has become a vastly popular destination. The paramount design challenge is to seek a balance between preserving the natural sanctity of the site while allowing connections to dense urban areas.