With Taannaz cast a completely new experience of hardware with the grand and innovative ideas. With their establishment in the year 2007, they started with a mindset to apply modern advancements of technology in the old and traditional designs. They look after each and every single detail of their products which includes selection, specification as well as scheduling. They are the ones who have unleashed the significance of bronze in today’s world.


Individual attention is paid on each and every products of Taannaz. They possess their unique design, finish and craft along with high standard of quality.


Putting Unique in Technique

It takes a blend of skill and intuition to turn molten bronze into an objet d'art. Bring your undeveloped idea or a full concept to the Taannaz atelier. We give them solid dimension with the help of our accomplished draughtsmen and master carver. Using time-weathered sand-casting or the cutting-edge lost-wax process, anything from style to texture is literally in our hands. Then, our precise machiners and polishers add the final finesse. The result is an exquisite piece that will endure through time.