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Symbiotic Facade

Location: Moscow, Russia

Project Work Status: Competition Projects

Team: Andblack Studio And In Square Lab

Located in the heart of Moscow and set in the world/s one of the busiest squares, Pushkinsky Cinema used to be the largest movie theatre of the country. "Symbiotic Facade" aims to lionise the glory with a design that merges the new face to the existent and reconnects the cinema to its urban context.

Pushkinsky cinema, as it currently stands has great iconic value and architectural presence. The aim is to design a facade, which does not destroy its formal beauty but adds to it. Hence, the idea of symbiosis is to provoke a bold interaction between the historical image and the new. It intends to give Moscow a landmark without taking away the familiar, celebrating the tension between the retained and the changed, through strategic use of form, light, space and material.

This is achieved through design of a structure that seamlessly flows onto the restored landscape of concrete and glass. The objective is to have an organic growth that emerges and merges into the existent, always revealing a glimpse of the building's history. This intervention at first is scarcely visible in the square growing larger onto the steps and then gradually covering parts of the facade. It blurs the boundaries between the Pushkin square, the grand steps and the cinema. The structure, when on the floor forms part of the urban fabric, like street furniture, generating playfulness, stimulating interest and in turn drawing public to the area. As a facade it creates a constantly changing relationship between the interior and exterior forming the prefect backdrop for what Pushkinsky cinema is best known for; film festivals, opening ceremonies and world premiers.