We have been practising exclusively in the field of Landscape Designing, Landscape Architecture and Planning since 1984 and have a reputation for delivering high quality professional services in the field of landscape planning and design in Mumbai and throughout India.

Our team includes landscape architects, architects, architectural assistants, horticulturists. Together we have provided diverse designs tailored to each client's/project's requirement.


  • To provide a functional and sustainable landscape design appropriate to each region where the site is located.
  • To have landscape architectural continuity and functional appropriateness to ensure a unique and lasting expression for each design commission.
  • To create diverse user specific & environment friendly designs & landscaped gardens.
Personal Details
Shop No 1, Ground Floor, Blue Diamond Apartments, Karnik Road, Kalyan, Next To Nutan Vidyalaya, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 421304

dikeswati@gmail.com / sdike@swatidike.com


Phone:+91 9821265181/+91 9420451317

Owner: Swati Dike


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