Swastik Services was established in 2009 started as a distributor of power components like thyristors, Diodes, Mosfets and IGBT’s from Hind Rectifiers, India and International rectifiers, USA along with other passive components like connectors and relays from Indian manufactures like O/E/N.

The business evoluted from supply of Power components to supply of Automation Products, projects revolving around these products and retrofits of machine tools to a variety of servo applications, change is the way of life.

Swastik Services has been supplying all types of industrial Automation product to the industry. Present range of products dealt by us include, AC/DC Drives, Motors, PLCs, AC Servo Drives, Soft Starters, Sensors, HMI, Encoders, Remote i/os RFID systems, Industrial Safety mats, Vision solutions for automotive and Pharmaceuticals Industry ,Instrumentation , safety switches, joysticks, Pendant station etc., and also provide automation services in terms of installation, commissioning and repairs. We have supplied and commissioned these products across every corner of India and abroad and have successfully executed some giant projects, involving diversified applications catered to almost every field including-
  • Automotive
  • Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Cement, Minerals & Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Process Automation
  • Water Industry
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • HVAC
  • Cranes
  • Machine Tools
  • Sugar , Distilleries ,Breweries
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Pumping Solutions
  • Textiles
Swastik Services holds in-depth stocks of a wide range of products including:-

    ABB – AC,DC Drives, soft starter, PLCs, Instrumentation
    Banner – Sensors, light and indicator,Light Curtains, Vision Cameras etc
    Turck – Sensors, light and indicator, RFIDs, Remote I/O
    Euchner– Safety Switches, Joystick, Pandant station
    Bussmann– fuses
    Hengstler – Encoder, Counters , Printers
    Hakko – HMI
    Delta Make – AC Servo Drives and Servo Motors

We are here to help! Our sales team is dedicated to customer service and offers technical advice to ensure the correct selection of product. We pride ourselves on our responsive and flexible approach to meeting our clients’ various needs and Endeavour to maintain a close working relationship with those customers.
Swastik Servicess was incorporated in the year 2009 with the mission to provide not only value added products but also reliable services to the customer in CCTV Security. Today we are proud to have a very vast, happy and satisfied customer base. Of late we have diversified into providing complete system solutions to almost all kind of industries along with our associated team of specialized experts and engineers, we have been designing and customizing specific solutions to challenging and dynamic safety needs of the industry, thus making ourselves an entity to be reckoned within the field of safety.

Drive Repair

Swastik Services have been our USP always. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a group of qualified and experience engineers involved in providing technical services for all products we represent for last 6 years. Presently we are offering services under following categories.

  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Phone Support
  • Repair and After Sale Service
  • Identifying Areas of Energy Savings

Installation & Commissioning

We dispatch a team of skilled professionals for Installation and Commissioning of all the products we represent. Our highly skilled Field Service Engineers perform a wide range of work, from basic commissioning to attending after hours, emergency breakdowns.

Repair & Sales & Services

We have also established a separate repairing and after sales service division to support our post sales activity. An independent division which also caters the requirement of those customers who are using very Old or Obsolete series of VFD & PLC or any other automation products. We undertake such activities on Repairing/Annual Maintenance Contract for the specific product or system.

Machine Retrofitting and Reconditioning Services

We offer market leading PLC, HMI, Servo based control solutions that can replace older low productivity systems that can cause service headaches, produce poor quality parts and rob your company of profits.

Swastik Services has been providing retrofits to older PLC, Servo, DC drive, AC drive systems and providing users with upgraded machines that reduce machine downtime, produce high quality parts and increase profits. Call us to discuss how Swastik Services can upgrade your current machine. We can also sign you up for newsletter on applications that will keep you updated on the latest offerings from Swastik Services.


Networking Solutions

We support client's business needs by building a robust network infrastructure. The network infrastructure supports a variety of client applications in a mission critical environment across verticals,

Our service offerings span the entire E2E lifecycle include Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment.

To do what it does best, your business depends on your network infrastructure. Softel thinks about the potential of your network every day. We see IP networks and networking as the platform of most - if not all - your business functions and communications, and a powerful point of differentiation.

  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless and Mobility
  • Data Centre networking
  • Performance Optimization
  • Support, Maintenance and Outsourcing
Softel specializes in all three area:Local Area Network
  1. Wide Area Network
  2. Network Integration
  3. Local Area Networking solutions
With more than a decades of experience, Softel, is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools and processes to effectively manage your network infrastructure, support key applications and champion the end user support experience. Softel provides following solutions in this category:
  1. Structured Cabling
  2. Wireless LAN
  3. Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

Wide Area Networking solutions

Supported by strong service level agreements (SLAs), Softel partnered with WAN service providers to offer Managed WAN services range from simple monitoring and reporting to complete outsourcing of your corporate network and data center - so you can concentrate on growing your business rather than day-to-day network operations.

Product highlights.

Managed WAN services power your network to securely deliver information with the speed and ease your users need to stay productive. Proactive monitoring and notification services isolate network faults and recommend corrective actions. Physical management services clear physical issues with access and/or transport. Full management services provide life-cycle monitoring, management, and repair for your entire network.

WAN Optimization

Softel helps Organizations with WAN optimization solution for accelerated delivery of all applications across the hybrid enterprise. These WAN acceleration solution also provides better visibility into application and network performance and the end user experience plus control through an application-aware approach to hybrid networking and path selection based on centralized, business intent-based policies for what you want to achieve as a business.

Network Integration solutions

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, Softel Network Integration Services can help ensure your network's ability to provide the level of availability and performance your business requires. This service can help you:
  • Tailor network design to respond to changing business requirements.
  • Implement complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations.
  • Improve network availability and performance.
  • Manage costs.
  • Simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules.
  • Reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network.
  • Improve service delivery and control the cost of network monitoring and management.