Swarovski is the name which is synonymous with technology advancement, poetry and ingenuity for over 100 years. Over the years of expertise, they have developed supremacy in the technology of precision cut with the help of which they have attained the position of leader in producing genuine gemstones, cut crystals as well as created stones. They came into existence in the year 1895 with a base in Wattens, Austria. They are the leading producers of innovative as well as creative jewelry, accessories, interior designing and lighting.

They have basically adopted the science, economics and arts which are prevailing in Europe in all their products.

What they do and promise
Through their mastery of the poetry of precision they continue to be the market leader, driving force and reliable partner within their industry to meet people's desire for adornment and delight since 1895 as
  • manufacturer, marketer and retailer of premium jewelry and consumer products ranging from decorative objects to lighting and accessories,
  • manufacturer and marketer of premium jewelry stones for customers.
They always think and act in the interest of the company and the impact their actions may have on others. They take care of Swarovskt as a whole and Swarovski cares about them - they walk the talk.

They are dynamic a. powerful. They leverage the strengths and benefits of their global organization. They empower colleagues to be effective and efficient. They work as a team across the organization to achieve their joint ambition of outstanding and profitable results. They acknowledge and reward performance.

They are open-minded and innovative in creating aesthetically unique product designs and solutions for their consumers and customers.

They strive for consumer and customer loyalty by continuously surprising and amazing them and create long-term relationships with their business partners