Surface And Coating Expo Chennai 2018

The importance of Surface Preparation, Treatment and Coating is gaining every year due to value addition it provides in terms of finish, life and lower maintenance. With increased pollution levels, metals tend to deteriorate much faster which necessitates a better protection of surface treatment.

It is general perception that Surface preparation and coating is limited to metals but equally importance for other materials like plastics, composites, concrete, Wood and any such material which are used is excessive ambience, need aesthetic looks, excellent finish due to application. But the best advantage of proper surface and coating is reduced maintenance.

Any maintenance person will understand the importance of Surface Preparation, Treatment and Coating, since (s)he knows the time consumed and cost involved which some time is much higher than new part itself. It is estimated that thousands of crores (Rs.) are spent every year on general maintenance in industries due to poor quality of coatings and processes adopted. Although a high degree of knowledge and expertise on corrosion related issues is available in country, this is confined to certain pockets and areas and the Industry is either unaware or unmindful of the magnitude of losses caused due to corrosion on the plant, machinery and equipment employed.

Conference of Surface & Coating Expo 2018

To discuss the latest technologies trends & developments in Surface Engineering Industry, Sectoral conference will be organized on sidelines of SCE2018 where eminent personalities from field will address the gathering

Training Session on Corrosion Management

For Maintenance & Production personnel losses due to the Corrosion are a nightmare. CII-Corrosion Management Committee organizes the Industry specific certified courses on Corrosion Management.

During the 3-day exhibition, a certified course on corrosion management will be organized for industry professionals.

Surface And Coating Expo Chennai 2018