Sun Touch premium laminates are a range of luxury quality laminates produced from the best of the material with strength and endurance to last a life time and multiple options in colours, textures, feel and finish would certainly prove to be a delight for the prospective consumer. Sun Touch Laminates is fast redefining the way you look at offices and homes, leaving an everlasting sense of the finest quality and superior class on the community of experts.

It was some years ago that a group of like-minded people got together with an aim to revolutionize the laminates industry. A vision to offer the finest gave birth to laminates products. Sun Touch Laminates started from the year 2007. It has been offering newer, better and most preferred products year after year.

The company has a different attitude to the quality of its products. It feels that quality in a product is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets and willingly pays for. Customer always pays for what is useful to him and gives him the value of his money. Nothing else constitutes quality. That is why the company concentrates on quality, keeping in mind the requirements of the valued customers.

A wealth of designs, patterns and embossing. With one of the industrys largest design libraries, we offer an unmatched range of styles and designs including solid colors, wood grains, abstracts and metallic.

A broad range of laminate constructions to meet your design, application, cost, and fabrication requirements.

Custom capability gives you the ability to quickly create unique or differentiated products. Color, pattern, embossing, material thickness, or coatings can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Helpful technical support. Our experienced associates can help you select the proper laminate, provide technical guidance, and assist in production start-up to reduce machine downtime and product waste.


Team Sun Touch Laminates continues to emerge as a leading brand in interior solutions and other panel products. With Its unmatched quality, state-of -the-art technology and pool of talented people, the group sets its vision

To be the preferred selection of every person who is looking for interior solutions.

To meet the changing trends by creating value-for-money products.

To continuously upgrade itself with innovations and union of new technologies.

To add more smile in the faces of thousand of satisfied customers.

Process R&D and Scale-up facilities

The companys R&D strengths are in creating intellectual property asset by developing novel, cost effective and environment friendly processes and finding easier solutions to complex any challenges. We are specialized in constructing quality laminates, and having following facilities.

  • Well equipped R&D centre with the state of the art facilities
  • Process development and continuous improvement to meet the cost
  • Innovative research and process development
  • Technology Transfer Team for smooth transfer of process from R&D to Manufacturing
  • Experts in evaluating
  • Robust Process Development guidelines and reports
The different Collection from Sun Touch Laminates is getting appreciations from the interior designers and consumers. The company feels that the real innovative designs are yet to come and the Laminate lovers can look forward towards it for fresh and unique shades & finishes. Sun Touch Laminates is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of quality Laminates in India.

Experience the new generation of laminate flooring! Push the envelope of design possibilities and finally fulfill your home interior design dreams with the different collection of Laminates. Sun Touch Laminates are ideal for a number of end use applications, including office furniture, healthcare environments, retail fixtures, residential cabinetry and the manufactured housing industry. These newest designs are in response to changing color and design trends and enable the design and specified community to easily and accurately coordinate interior environments with the most desirable looks and feel of today.

We strive to give a new look to your surroundings. Our laminates are very versatile and can be used for all types of interior applications. We manufacture the best quality of laminates specially to suit your various requirements. Our expertise enables us to cater to different size requirements for different clients. While the sophisticated impregnation line, together with our in-house resin manufacturing, makes our laminates far superior than those available in the market. Our laminates conforms to export standard.