"We believe that Globalization is an opportunity for sharing. It offers stakeholders the opportunity of addressing Global concerns through the diverse expression of Localized responses. This is what drives our work."

Lotus is a multi-disciplinary design practice whose work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces, from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details. The 40 member team at Lotus is from diverse disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture design, & Graphic Design.

The firm takes a deeply contextual approach to its work and combines this with a strong focus on the tactile and sensory qualities of the space. The design process looks at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social and environmental impact. There is an active engagement in integrating localized skills and resources with state of the art materials and technologies.

We deal with every design problem at a fundamental level. We don't believe in getting into a style. We start with trying to define the forces at play and then create the geometry that resolves it.

We like taking design to an extreme at the conceptual stage. We find inspiration in ordinary things, everyday events and chance encounters...
Personal Details
F 301 First Floor Chaudhuri Prem Singh House, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110030



Phone:96434 10545

Owner: Ambrish Arora

Founded: 2002

Employees: 47