At K.I.A., we kreate, innovate and achieve. We seek inspiration from the nature around us which offers a varied palette of colors, shapes, forms and textures to innovatively create specific design solutions for each project. Over the last 35 years of its existence, K.I.A. has designed projects of all types and magnitudes. It is spearheaded by Rajiv and Sabeena Khanna, graduates from the prestigious college of architecture, Chandigarh, the world famous city created by the renowned master architect, Le Corbusier.

Team K.I.A. consists of independent project teams spearheaded by experienced, responsible and sensitive professionals from the fields of architecture, design, engineering, management & planning ,who collectively create projects that influence the environment. The studios buzz with unbridled creativity where enthusiastic talent works to produce meaningful spaces.

Our greatest strength lies in our creative design potential, varied experiences of each team member, their unified talent strength and their commitment to deliver quality. Whether it be designing a township of 1000 acres or a retail environment, an amusement park facility or a family entertainment centre, multi storied condominiums or a highway hotel, each project is handled with utmost care and attention is given to the minutest detail. Time & quality is the essence at K.I.A.

Personal Details
RKAPL #727, Sector 15-II, Gurgaon, India, Gurgaon, Haryana


Owner: Rajiv Khanna

Founded: 1983