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Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

As a display store of kitchen based on modern lines, it was a challenging task to incorporate the festive mode of Rajasthan. One simple perception was to create an identity of an Italian brand's existence at Rajasthan's pink capital city of Jaipur.

Hence, the first most thought that acts as threshold are the colours of rajasthan, vibrant and earthy. And the concept began with an idea of using vibrant colours in the interior space on the walls but the idea was rejected by Leonardo, owner of Stosa Cucine. His rejection was based on the fact that he colours would be too disturbing for the product display.

Later, the thought was proposed by us, "Why not use colours in the product itself and the idea was welcomed by everyone as Stosa Cucine had recently incorporated vibrant colours. Then the display models were designed at Stosa Cucine's factory design shop using colours in contrast with shades of earth like grey, mushroom, tan, etc.

Walls were finally given taupe tone acting as a perfect backdrop for the performance of these coloured panels giving warmth and subtle aura to the whole interior space.