Started out as a family business over a decade ago, Stonex India has now become synonymous with grandeur, finesse and quality in the natural stones sector. Set up to explore the increasing national demand for exquisite marble and other natural stones in India, Stonex India became an answer to changing market needs and the increasing interest of home owners in high quality natural stones.

With time, we have now diversified our gamut of offering to include over 300 varieties of marble and natural stones in a wide array of colors and textures.
We pride ourselves on our vast collection. Our exquisite stones are responsibly sourced from quarries from all across the world including Italy, Spain, Greece, Brazil & Turkey. Our specialists persevere to ensure that only the most unique and refined varieties of natural stones are procured for our clients.

Due to our consistent efforts, we have enjoyed exponential growth in the last decade and have become one of the top companies in our sector in India.