Stationery & Write Show + Corporate Gifts Show Mumbai 2016

The Indian Stationery industry has grown by leaps and bounds. This sector which is influenced by microeconomic development, national income and growth of literacy is slowly but surely transforming into a giant sector. With international players testing waters the small players of the industry are gearing up for fierce competition. The stationery industry is one of the most evolving sectors merging exquisiteness, utility, serviceable aspect and resilience in generating product appeal.

Stationery Exhibition by Gifts & Accessories will provide opportunities to different stationery categories such as 'Back to school stationery, office supplies, writing instruments, handmade papers and digital stationery' an opportunity to launch, display and promote itself. It will be an exceptional occasion for all the players of this industry to introduce, display and market their products. We expect a massive number of trade visitors, leading exporters, major mass-retailers and wholesalers to source new products on site.

This exhibition will provide manufacturers and dealers a great platform to promote their products and a prefect ground to explore & source opportunities for their services respectively.

An ubiquitous trade platform as well as a ground for building an extensive network. We will give you a great platform for promoting your products and attracting clients on a nationwide level and facilitate interaction with buyers and sellers and help you make valuable business contacts.

It will be a powerful marketing strategy that gives you a chance to discover and market niche products in which you are specialized. It will be an opportunity to gauge your competitors and their business strategies while being an uncomplicated solution for business expansion.

Stationery & Write Show + Corporate Gifts Show Mumbai 2016