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Ssi Ltd Township
Ssi Ltd Township
Ssi Ltd Township

Location: Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Project Work Status: Planning Phase Projects

This 70-acre property, was planned for a combination of high- density uses including residential, retail, office and a high school. With up to 5000 residential units planned on site, the development is also to include about 500,000 SF of retail and office uses including a cineplex and shopping center.

The city suffers from water scarcity through most of the year and the site is planned with sustainable concepts that work to replenish the ground water by conserving rain water and recycling grey water on site. The large open spaces that are part of the site will accommodate the required aeration and retention ponds for water. The site is divided by a water channel that is used as the central landscape feature along which extensive parks and open spaces are planned.

Shilpa is the Master Planner and Principal Architects for this township.