Sri Sundar

Sri SundarSrisundar.S completed his Project management from The University of Manchester. He started his career at Mirzali Architects, Manchester where he quickly learnt to balance the Architects concern for design and the Project Managers cry for construction realities. Having worked in the UK, he realized the potential scope for design and the need for passionate architects in our country which brought him back to India.

He has worked with Architecture RED, Chennai which shaped his design skills. The architects have had a profound influence on him and showed him how light and shade, smell and touch can be used as building materials.

His passion for design and detail has ranged from individual residences, commercial complexes, educational institutions, restaurants, apartments to residential housing. He believes no project is too small for design. Having worked in small firms most of his career; he has gained experience in handling projects in various stages. His warm personality and communication skills have enabled him to establish a comfortable relationship with clients and fellow architects.

He interned with Jain Associates, Ahmedabad where he had his brief encounter with conservation architecture. The city has taught him architecture cannot exist in isolation but it truly comes alive when life interacts with it. Renowned architects, friends and the environment at CEPT, Ahmedabad have taught him good architecture satisfies form and function while great architecture inspires emotions and relationships.

His love for travelling, taste for food and search for adventure has taken him places while his passion for art, architecture, film making, comics, standup comedy and graphic design has brought him to DesignQube.

He believes Humanity secretly seeks immortality, architecture promises it or at least gives us the illusion that something we create will live beyond our physical existence.

Work Experience

Architecture - Associate

Education Details

The University of Manchester
Master of Science (MSc | 2009 - 2010
Thiagarajar College of Engineering
B.Arch, Architecture | 2004 - 2009

Personal Details

Sri Sundar