At Spacio Furniture Fulfill your specific requirement of elegant and stylish furniture. The things which appear to be simple and beautiful are actually a great piece of fine art. It requires great skills and ability among people to design the things with proper balance of proportion, curve and line. Spacio Furniture is a well known brand of S.T. Unicom which has created extra ordinary benchmarks in the furniture industry for more than 16 years.

They have brought the significant craze of furniture made of wrought iron in India. Apart from this, they also presented the graceful range of outhouse and garden furniture. The most precious and exclusive brand of furniture is Spacio. It comprises of extremely luxurious as well as designer furniture range of international standards. They have sourced all the furniture as well as accessories from various parts of the world which has now become the preference for most of the celebrities, corporate and NRIs. The entire collection of Spacio Furniture offers an effective example of sophistication and elegance.

Why Spacio

The extra ordinary showroom of Spacio furniture has been aesthetically designed to provide a concept as well as experience to the customers. Such exceptional showroom is one of its kinds in the entire Kolkata. With a display of 5 levels, they offer exceptional collection of unique furniture and their accessories to please the customers. The entire showroom has been significantly designed to provide world class experience of shopping to the customers and pays homage to the global spirit and aesthetic excellence of the common people of Kolkata. The entire showroom is a perfect example of subterranean space which opens up a complete world of elegance and style for the customers.

Not only this, they constantly keep on modernizing and improvising their standard of furniture to provide effective value for money products to the customers. They always keep in mind the utmost desires and requirements of the customers and bring forth premium quality products for them. They have been able to bring huge revolutionary changes in each and every home of Kolkata city by introducing the collection of international standard furniture at very reasonable rates. They offer contemporary collection of decorative accessories, furniture and bedding for their valuable customers which are both functional as well as stylish in terms of features. 

The quality and the right sense of coming trends
As a leading retailer of products for lifestyle and home decor, we are aiming at offeringhigher standards continously. The right sense of coming trends and quality is our most important target. Therefor our clients will be daily surprised by our innovation and collection.

By aiming everyday at best results and continous improvements of our work and sourcing processess, we want to contribute to the success of our clients and furthermore to help them to fulfil their needs in a more efficient and quicker way.

We really care for our customers and the recommendations of theirs make us feel proud. This is our way!

Design & product development

Navin Kanodia who is the proud founder of S. T. Unicom group believes in the philosophy of doing things whole heartedly in order to achieve desired results. They apply this superb idea in their procedure of designing, product development and sourcing. They continuously strive for the creation of extra ordinary emotions and anticipating exceptional trends of furniture industry. All their products are majorly designed in-house comprising of both modern and good product designs.  They have been constantly drawing beautiful products from all across the world on their store shelf.


It is a common human tendency, that they easily recognize the quality of a product on just a view. In fact, Spacio Furniture maintains such standard of their products that their customers can recognize their quality at the very first look. They take special care of quality on the entire procedure of production. With the knowledge and expertise of more than 2 decades, all their products possess its own distinctive value.

The showroom of Spacio Furniture also houses best quality art objects of internationally recognized brands from more than 15 countries to raise the living standard of Indian people. 

With a strong foundation of service and knowledge of more than 20 years, they have been able to establish a relation of trust and reliability with their customers. They are considered to be the most reputed and respected company of furniture in India. Their wide range of user base includes Fortune 500, educational institutions, healthcare companies, government entities and many more. Their entire team of designers is dedicated to meet out the emerging needs of the customers with efficiency.