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Sonke HoofPartner - Architect

Sonke Hoof, born in Germany, is a graduate of the University Stuttgart, Germany. Prior to his architectural education, he was trained as a carpenter with emphasis on furniture design.

He participated in the first VSF International Studio in 2003, where he had his initial experience with slums and squatter settlements. Being interested in different construction techniques, he returned the same year to work on his diploma thesis. His project, named "Masala Housing" was based on the recycling of waste as building materials in Indian slums. Parts of it were published by the German architecture magazine DETAIL in its issue "Einfach Bauen" (simple forms of construction) in 2008.

He joined Vastu Shilpa Consultants in the year 2004 and became partner in 2008.

He is visiting faculty at CEPT University.

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Sonke Hoof