Soncera is one of the most popular brands which have added style, flair and elegance into the sanitary ware products. The trend of style and design in terms of sanitary ware has undergone vast changes in it. They have adopted a regular habit of proffering perfection in all their products and services along with exceptional designs and styles. This brand name operates under the well known company of Sonam Ceramics, whose eminence can be seen in the quality of their products. They aim at fulfilling every dream of the people with tender care.

They are the first SSI manufacturer of sanitary ware products in India who have acquired the quality mark of ISI. Apart from this, they have also been certified with ISO 9001:2000 certification for their manufacturing process, and ISO 1400:1996 certification for their environment friendly services. Since their inception in the year 1999, they have gained popularity with the passing of every year.

They provide varied options for the customers to choose from in terms of colors, designs and concepts. Their innovative sanitary ware products include coupled WCs, basin pedestals, and many more.

Company Mission & Core Values

"Get High On Life & Style, Get Inspired"
  • Satisfy the thirst for elegance and simplicity
  • Sip the cocltail of beauty and substance
  • Drink the brew of comfort and excitment
  • Get into an inspiring relationship
  • You and Soncera.

Quality Policy

Their extra ordinary quality policy is the major reason behind their preference. They possess a team of highly qualified professionals to check the proper quality of all their final products.