Sona Reddy

Sona ReddyFrom a budding architect in bangalore to a field engineer in los angeles, sona reddy interprets different facets of her versatile persona. an interior designer, a curator, a flea-market addict, business woman, a dog lover - are few roles, she boisterously manifests.

sona reddy, founder and creative head, room therapy is a master degree holder in architecture and construction management along with worthy experience in a reputed firm in bangalore as a junior architect. moving on, she became a field engineer in robert.f. kennedy school, lausd built to date in the united states of america. after working for close to four years in the field of architecture and construction, she moved to hyderabad to tread a path to her passion of creating a home decor store by the name of 'room therapy.' when she started doing interior projects on her own; she realized that there was limited choice in home decor. disappointed with her search for distinctive options in home decor, she started room therapy in a small studio at her house and went on to opening her first store in hyderabad in 2014. and there has been no looking back ever since.

to her, creativity comes naturally and she strongly believes in creating a concept - a home that spells of an individual's personal style. within a short span of time she has firmly placed her foot in the field of interior design and has created an online shopping portal for home products with an online shopping portal and now a store, with room therapy she is all set to enchant the world of interior design.

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Founder & Creative Head

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Post Graduate in Architecture and Construction Management

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Sona Reddy