Solatube International Residential Categories

In the recent past, people use several ways to lighten their houses like candles, lantern and lamps etc. But the sunlight has no match with these things. The sunlight is free, natural and never gets damaged. Solatube International provides the perfect lighting solutions for indoors as well as the outdoor purposes since centuries.

They work on the same concept. Their products absorb the sunlight and brighten the rooms, lower rooms, balconies etc. They use the hassle free technology to lighten the room in 2-3 hours without costs. The products of Solatube International are engineered with elegance, style and simplicity. They provide all range of interior lightening like solar bulbs, tube lights, lamps and many more. They are ready to launch their solar fans that are cost effective and are also in demand these days.

A large number of schools, hotels, hospitals, department stores, offices, are well furnished with the lights and accessories of Solatube International. These products save energy and are durable also. Several stores are ready to incorporate with them as they are rich in demand these days.

When it comes to home or workplace, installing a Solatube Day lighting System or a Solar Star Attic Fan is one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable ways to brighten and add comfort to your interior spaces. As these systems operate on solar energy, they reduce your reliance on electricity, lessen the impact on the environment, and cost little to operate. It is the coolest idea to generate electricity till date.