Solar Powered Urban Park Benches

Find Out How Solar Powered Benches Are Sustainable And Combine Modern Design With Clean Energy Production Units.

Aug 18, 2015
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The new cities of tomorrow, the smart cities will be the icon of the city that has made such a choice”.  Anonymous

The primary purpose of a park bench is to provide convenience and comfort to the person using it. A well-designed bench in the right location can be a real hub of activity along a sidewalk.

Many types of benches throughout history have offered unique ways of interacting with the surrounding environment. The platform for smart cities has been laid down with awareness of clean energy production units, i.e. solar powered park furniture.

Street furniture is a key element of public spaces and a better energy solution makes solar powered park benches or street furniture an obvious choice for energy autonomy and reliability. With the general public and government responding positively to make public spaces sustainable: designers, too are designing elements that combine modern design with clean energy units.

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Solar power generation has various advantages over conventional forms of power generation:

  • Sustainable development- Reduction in development based on fossil fuels.
  • Environment friendly- Limited impact on the environment as compared to the other forms of power generation.
  • Modular and Scalable- Size and power generating capacity of a solar system are a function of the number of solar modules installed which are scalable too.
  • Flexibility of location- Can be located at customer's site.

For environmentally sensitive areas like national parks, remote homes, stand-alone photovoltaic can be more effective than extending power lines and these units can produce power independently of the utility grid. Smart benches or solar benches are not only for comfort and aesthetics, but also encourage people to get out of their homes and connect people to their city with smart technologies.

Following are a few examples how solar powered benches have integrated comfort, technology and energy efficiency:

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Solar-Powered Wi-Fi flowers

Toyota Prius Solar Flowers Power Free local Wi-Fi:

The 18 foot flowers, resembling like a giant daisy, have solar cells behind their petals and at the base of the stem. With 110-volt outlets, the generated electricity travels to the plastic benches: 

  • Each flower provides space for up to 10 people to sit
  • Generating electricity for free Wi-Fi for passer-by
  • Epitomise the theme "Harmony between man, nature and machine" 
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The Solar-Powered Info-Point gives info about city in while charging your devices

  • The self- supporting kiosk serves as a public info point which uses solar panels and harnesses sunlight to power itself.
  • The info point is kept illuminated throughout night via LED lamps that are powered by the in-built solar panels.
  • The Solar-Powered Info-point is composed of two modules:
    1. First seat view is cross-like bench with a place to rest.
    2. Second module consists of a USB charging port and main module provides information with touch displays.
  • The kiosk will contain displays for information regarding the history, culture, places and events occurring in a city which will be helpful for town visitors and residents as well.
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Solar Power Benches Soofa

  • Battery, and two USB slots, where people can sit and charge their smartphones and other devices.
  • The designers idea behind Soofa:

"We want to reactivate the city and create a new shared social experience. We envision Soofas to invite people outdoor to share a video, read news and check emails without worrying to run out of power".

The outdoor seating isn't just about phone charging: It also contains noise and air sensors embedded in the bench's "brain". Those sensors constantly collect data and beam it over Verizon's 4G network to Soofa's website, that lets people know about a vacant bench, in a quiet location, with fresh air.

The SOFT Rockers

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Rockers serve as an exceptional charging station disguised primarily as an outdoor rocking loaf furniture:

  • The SOFT Rocker leverages its surroundings in a dynamic manner using human power of balance 1.5-axis 35-watt solar tracking system.
  • Using scientific and low-tech design strategies, SOFT Rocker generates electricity, however, it also engages the body and works as excellent furniture by hand.
  • Enjoy time with friends under cool lighting loops while charging any USB device especially at night-time for social gathering. 
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Solar Lounge Chair

Outdoors joys and convenience of staying plugged in combines for stylish clean energy charging station that doubles as outdoor furniture:

  • Solar Lounge, designed like an outdoor room, with cushioned backrest and seating and solar power lights at night. seating and solar power lights at night. 
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Charge Yourself - Stay Charged and Connected

Dual purpose benches:

  • Shade bearing overhangs
  • Solar panels to provide wireless electronic charging mats that are accessible from each seat on bench. 
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“Seat-e” Solar Powered Seats for Smart Streets and Sidewalks

  • The bench has solar panels on it that provides pedestrians to sit and use the bench for charging without cost.
  • Helps lessen electrical use while introducing people to solar energy throughout the city.

Petal Bench -Which Unfurls like a Flower

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  • During the day Petal bench sit out, appearing as gigantic flowers open to offer a place to rest.
  • At night, the flower can be closed to follow the nature of flowers and lights up with the collected energy during of the day.
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The Solar Inside - Eco Friendly Bench

  • This solar-powered park bench is made from used aluminium and plastic, this outdoor furniture comes with solar panels installed to generate energy to power an embedded Wi-Fi unit and lights for evening use.
  • The rechargeable battery gives night-light and also provides Wi-Fi access

Solar panels create absolutely no waste and emissions unlike fossil fuels, they produce clean renewable energy and require no locating, excavating, transporting, or combusting. Thus, consider it as a cheap, clean and simple energy solution to conventional forms. When integrated with latest technology it will prove out to be a blessing to the coming generations.


"We want to make cities futuristic for our next generation”.

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