With SMARTROOF Walk away with the advanced technology by applying automatic roofing systems at your homes. One of the most popular names in the industry of louver roofs is Smartroof. They have been the specialist in the manufacturing of louver and automatic roofing systems for both commercial as well as residential purpose.

These louver roofing systems can be easily controlled through the automatic switch with the help of which you can adjust the angle of the louver according to your choice and requirement. These are basically aluminium roof systems which are rain proof, corrosion resistant and extremely stylish. They have been designed with précised engineering and sticking to the Australian specifications.

They offer suitable options for covering the patios, terrace, courtyard, open air restaurant and many more places.

Smartroof In Architecture

Architects and building designers rely on flexibility and high quality products in order to achieve a credible long term endorsement on their creative abilities.

The SMARTROOF fully operable Opening and Closing Roof System creates a visually stunning and functional outdoor living area of both residential and commercial developments all year round.

SMARTROOF the latest innovation in roof design, comprise of an openable array of motorized aluminium louvers. It offers architects and home owners a cost effective means of adding design and architectural appeal to buildings. It is precision engineered conforming to Australian / EU specs, elegantly crafted, corrosion resistant, leakproof and comes in colours you demand.

SMARTROOF brings Courtyard back into contention

An innovative and aesthetically stunning SMARTROOF has enabled architects to create a functional courtyard within a house or even a commercial building, that helps managing temperature naturally and helping to reduce energy costs whilst creating a clean and modern working environment without concerns over excessive solar heat gain within the building.

The louvers are ingeniously placed so that they provide maximum protection against the exterior elements whilst allowing some light to filter through to naturally lighten the buildings interior and ensure that the occupants still enjoy views of their landscaped surroundings.

It is an amazingly flexible product that provides total control of the sun, shade, and light as well as providing ventilation and total rain protection. With just the flick of a switch, it opens up the sky for you.

Designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the conventional roofing or a pergola, the SMARTROOF is a highly functional system. Louvres Provide Breath of Fresh Air.

Highlights of SMARTROOF

  • Not only can the SMARTROOF lower your energy costs, but provide many years of enjoyable trouble free operation.
  • Opened louvers reflect light into South facing areas. Cold and dark rooms are brought to life with natural light.
  • The SMARTROOF Openable Roof provides FULL CONTROL in all weather conditions.
  • Smooth, powered LOUVRE ROTATION delivers control of sun and shade, light and heat, wind and ventilation.
  • PLUS the louvres SEAL CLOSED for full RAIN PROTECTION and privacy.
  • The SMARTROOF system is cyclone rated and comprise of strong EXTRUDED ALUMINIUM louvres and components with 316 STAINLESS STEEL fittings.
  • This world class product offers prestigious PERFORMANCE and adds value to any home or building.
  • Control Options include simple push button electric control, with hand-held remotes and rain sensors.
  • Extensive Design Options allow many uses, such as covering : swimming pool , patio, courtyard , out door restaurant and eatries, verandah, atrium and terrace garden .
  • Virtually maintenance free, the system can be used on both new and existing developments adding a fresh dimension to existing buildings and distinguishing new buildings with its unique features.

    Design Options

    The SMARTROOF can be designed as a "stand alone" roofing structure - either free standing or attached to a building - or be incorporated into an existing patio structure or a courtyard incorporating fixed roof panels. The SMARTROOF can be built as single sections or multiple sections to cover large areas; the possibilities are almost limitless.

    Standard installations are constructed with a frame around the whole perimeter. Typically an internal gutter is installed around the inside frame perimeter to channel water to a downpipe. A typical frame consists of MS rectangular hollow sections of size 200 x 60 mm

    Any shape or size can be accommodated. The SMARTROOF System can be installed flat, pitched, angular or used vertically as a screen. Maintenance of the Eclipse is simple: - a simple push of the button to rotate the louvres over allows you to wash down the top and then the bottom of the roof - so that the roof can be easily kept clean at all times.

    SMARTROOF - Features and Benefits

    Open up to a world of benefits
    The SMARTROOF Openable Roofing System was invented and perfected by HV Aluminium Ltd, , Australia, to provide a roofing product that was unique in the market place - one that was made from strong extruded aluminium alloy and would offer benefits that were not previously available.

    Maximising the use of outdoor areas has always been a challenge. If you install a conventional roof, how do you avoid the problems of either blocking out natural light, or creating a "hot house" with no breeze, especially on hot days SMARTROOF provides the versatile solution to meet diverse needs.

    With the flick of a switch, the SMARTROOF delivers total control of sun, shade and light as well as providing ventilation and rain protection

    Energy Efficient
    In winter the SMARTROOF louvers can be positioned to catch the sun's natural warmth into rooms to save on energy costs. In summer these same louvers can then be moved to block direct sunlight to protect the building from unwanted solar heating. Winter or summer - the SMARTROOF provides the best of both worlds!

    Light Control
    With the simple push of a button, the louvers can be moved to give the desired lighting level into a building. Opened louvers reflect light into South facing areas The natural light illuminates work or living areas while providing savings in power consumption.

    During the summer months a place is often sought that provides shade from the sun's heat as well as cool ventilation. The SMARTROOF provides this by angling the louvers to a partially open position. Even in light rain the louvers can still be left partially open and the water will drain away in the contours of the louver. And speaking of entertaining area, Bar-be-que smoke can be ventilated for greater comfort.

    Rain Protection
    The SMARTROOF has a uniquely designed louver that provides complete overlap with no possibility of rain penetration. Tests show that high pressure water could not penetrate the joints between the louvers.

    Control Systems
    The louvers rotate from closed to almost 180 degrees by use of a small 12 volt DC motor which is powered by a transformer connected to a power outlet. This makes the SMARTROOF safe to use and incredibly easy to operate with your choice of control systems viz; open / close toggle or rocker switch, multiple switch arrangements for indoor & outdoor use. Optional control options include remote control, rain sensor ie; automatic closing of louvers at the onset of rain and opening when the skies clear and electronic sun tracking for sun / shade control,or even link to your home automation control system.

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