Smart India Visakhapatnam 2015

Smart India Conference 2015 held from 25th to 26th June 2015 at Novotel Hotel in Vishakhapatnam is an unconventional conference organized to promote the smart solutions offered by Govt. of India to develop smart cities.

With the rapidly growing economy of India, it is expected that it will expand 5 times by the end of 2030. According to current scenario, about 350 million populations live in the urban locations of the country which is expected to increase till 590 million by the year 2030. People are effectively migrating from rural areas towards urban areas which have resulted in India becoming the second largest country of the world in terms of urban migration. The major reason behind this huge migration is the catalytic surging growth as well as outstanding employment opportunities.

The most prominent challenge that is faced now days is to develop highly spacious and well planned cities to accommodate innumerable inhabitants and offer them with superior quality of lifestyle by using advanced technology. The advancements of technology have resulted in the growing interests of making normal cities into hi-tech and smart cities. The globally accepted technologies are capable of efficiently supervising the entire infrastructure as well as environment along with the promotion of effective economic development.

Due to increased globalization of cities, a huge competition exists between different cities in order to attract innumerable workers and investments. Some of the major smart cities are significantly promoting their attractive lifestyle comprising of outstanding natural as well as cultural amenities, technologies as well as knowledgeable infrastructure.

This outstanding 2 day conference particularly focuses on meeting challenges as well as opportunities created by technology, people and skills, cultural and natural amenities, Governance as well as Innovation and knowledge precincts.


  • Smart City Benefits - Economically, Ecologically and Socially
  • Industry Collaborations for Smart Cities
  • Management, configuration, and deployment of Smart City infrastructures
  • Smart Governance, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility
  • Smart Healthcare, Smart Education
  • Smart Information and Communication Technologies, Internet of Things
  • Strategies for Accelerating Innovation for Smart Cities
Smart India Visakhapatnam 2015