Smart Cities Summit Mumbai 2016

100 Speakers over 1 day: National, International Smart City Experts, 350+ delegates, Mayors and Commissioners from 100 cities | Smart City trade delegation from US | World class solution providers will exhibit latest technologies

Parallel sessions on: water management, solid waste management, mobility management, energy, e-governance, financing, etc.

Smart Cities India is a think-tank for addressing the challenges and opportunities of rapid urbanization and population growth in India. Smart Cities India is leading the charge in revolutionizing the approach towards planning and developing our cities to meet the extraordinary capability and aspirations of the Indian people.

By 2030, 590 million people will live in Indian cities - that's double the population of the United States. With cities becoming the fulcrum of growth, employment and politics, India will have the unique opportunity of harnessing a large, young and urban population. However, cities need to become more sustainable and smart in meeting the arising challenges of this population growth.

Smart Cities Summit Mumbai 2016