Smart And Inteliigent Buildings Congress Mumbai, India, July 2014

About the Conference:

Smart & Intelligent Building Congress 2014 is the perfect opportunity for building technology manufacturers to raise brand awareness among the construction industry's most forward-looking stakeholder groups.

More and more Indian companies and developers are adopting the smart building concept, which in turn is generating a huge revenue opportunity for Solution providers.

Energy shortage is a reality in India that affects the economy of the country. Water and energy savings are discussed but are we really doing anything about it? Yes, some are - with initiatives, such as smart and green (or sustainable) buildings. The smarter building technologies are believed to save up to 30 percent of water usage, 40 percent of energy usage and even help to reduce the building maintenance cost by 10-30 percent. It also guarantees users of buildings comfort, better health and safety. The smart building concept not just looks at buildings but also campuses, towns, cities etc.

The Conference will give business opportunities to organizations from various industries providing solutions and services for Intelligent & Smart Building concept nationally and internationally.

Smart And Inteliigent Buildings Congress Mumbai, India, July 2014