Small Space Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Designing For Small Spaces? Get These Inspirational Design Ideas Before You Start.

Jul 09, 2015

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent Van Gogh. 

A small house is nothing but just the lack of space when you want more things in your home. Same space can be big enough for people who have the art of arrangement and decorating little spaces but same space can be small for people who have huge amount of things which could not fit in the little space. So it all depends how smartly you design, arrange and decorate your space to overcome the space shortage.

Living in small home - Big style

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Small homes often measure less than 500 square feet and make great starter homes, empty nester home or a second getaway house. A small house doesn't necessarily mean sacrifice. Space constraints, function and style can be taken care of by thoughtful innovative designs. Rather than fighting for space, focus on benefits of small space.

  • Cosiness
  • Security
  • Charm
  • Functionality

Why small home interior design is a thoughtful preference in modern times

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Nowadays a city dweller's home decoration ambitions are high. Due to increasing property value day by day, people are downsizing on their dreams to have their own place. Small homes are a preferred option because of the following reasons:

  • Space is expensive in cities
  • Less wasteful and more cost effective
  • Require less heat, light and cleaning
  • Home maintenance cost is less.
  • Creates comfort rather than clutter

Being short on space doesn't mean you have to be short on style or efficiency. There are various tricks for designing small spaces which focus on simplicity.

Creative space utilisation ideas:

  • Cantilevered mezzanine
  • Under stairs storage
  • Stair Drawers
  • Sofa bunked bed
  • Murphy bed
  • Bigger windows
  • Correctly scaled convertible pieces of furniture
  • Fold down tables
  • Partition or screens as open shelves
  • Ottomans with lids
  • Different shades of paint

How to do space planning of a small apartment in best possible way 

Cantilevered mezzanine

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Small Apartment Incorporates Mezzanine Bedroom to Maximize On Space

Within a ceiling height of 3.7 metres, interior designer can opt to create a mezzanine like space which acts as a sleeping loft that's accessible by a staircase that is being used as a bookshelf.

Under stairs storage

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The space optimisation under the staircase has to be done in most innovative way and used as personal preference and requirements of the occupant as:

  • built in lockers
  • drawers
  • shelving units
  • bookcase

Clever use of storage space can be done with silent Aluflex 80 sliding door system from Hafele

Stair Drawers

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Stair Drawers are a great way to utilise a generally overlooked space, each step of the stairway to be used for various items required by the inhabitants.

Sofa bunked bed or sofa cum bed

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Stylish bunk bed or sofa-cum-bed can serve as amazing space saving furniture with space constraints in urban dwellings.

Bunk beds with built in shelves and drawers make space look more spacious and modern. They also provide valuable storage spaces for decluttering homes

Murphy bed

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Murphy bed is a wall bed, pull down bed or fold down bed and is hinged at one end and can be vertically stored against the wall inside of a closet or flushed with rest of the cabinets. It's useful in situations where floor space is at a premium, like studio apartments, dorm rooms, mobile homes and cruise ship cabins.

Bigger Windows

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Light can play a big role in making a room look brighter and larger. Use light to make tiny spaces seem larger. Letting the natural light in by

  1. avoiding heavy and light blocking window treatment and opt for airy light coloured window coverings
  2. translucent shades that provide privacy i.e. cloth blinds in a light fabric that isn't completely opaque will give a soft glow to the shade and bounce light into the room.

Correctly scaled convertible pieces of furniture

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While choosing the furniture for tiny homes scale of the furniture has to be well thought of as it has to go with the overall size of the room. Besides that, following points will surely contribute in space optimisation and decluttering:

  • Multipurpose pull out sofa bed
  • Chairs and tables that either nest inside each other or fold down or can be stacked when not in use.
  • Choose Visually Lightweight Furniture
  • Narrow benches serve as a coffee table and does not occupy much space
  • Furniture that frees up the sight lines such as open sided bookcases, glass coffee tables etc.

Fold down tables

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  • Convertible table is a great solution to store office and personal items
  • Deluxe Folding Table in Dining Room can save lots of space.

Partition or screens as open shelves

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A divider with open shelves gives you the scope to keep your favourite decorative pieces while partitioning the room and also psychologically making the small space look bigger.

Ottomans with lids

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Ottomans & poufs have huge storage capacity and when dealing with a small space can prove out to be beneficial in storing various small items.

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Blue green ottoman flower seating for space optimisation in small spaces can make the interiors lively and could also serve as a focal point of the entire interior styling. Ottoman doubles as a coffee table when trays are added to provide a flat surface for drink glasses or a vase of flowers.

Different shades of paint

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Light colour scheme followed for a small house interior designing will make the space look lighter, brighter than and ultimately not as small as it is. Neutral palette is one of the best ways to push back the walls, eyes can roam freely and space feels more expansive, but colour scheme need not be restricted to just pastels. A focal wall or accessories will add colour and interest to the space.

Decorating a small space can be a challenge, but with thoughtful organisation of a space, proper choice of furniture, colour scheme and cabinets etc. one can make the most out of square footage available.

“Never let the things u want, make you forget the things you have.”

Vandana WK
Vandana WK

I am an architect by profession. I completed my Master in Construction Management from Pune. With hands on work experience on various projects in reputed interior design firms, I wish to put my design ideas into words on this platform of sharing articles. I have created a fresh perspective to help the readers tackle a project, and embrace... | more articles from Vandana

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