SICIS is an art factory and has become a reckoned name since the time it was set up. The company on trying to elaborate the identity and highlights expresses two main traits perfectly describing it as the path that SICIS is undertaking and the promise to provide customers with best in class services and products at most competitive prices. Art refers to the specialized and skilled craftsmanship to design and manufacture mosaic in the company’s context. They employ sustainability in terms of quality and eco-friendliness.

The company does not promote child labor in any manner. Every single process that takes place in the company is entirely hands of master artists in their laboratories. They do not believe in outsourcing and instead of that they utilize local resources in order to ensure quality by applying strict quality standards of international level. It is performed for the concerns related to safety and health at work place and conserving the environment at the same time.

They strive to focus on the demands and needs of every individual customer and work in accordance with that only. They have understood the art beyond its mere form of expression but much more than that. In this context, different aspects of art are clearly reflected in their products and services such as completeness, depth, dedication and commitment. In this way, they maintained consistency in their products and services amalgamating the art with factory and eventually the SICIS became an Art Factory. Contact them today for quality services.